Vollo Dalle Filipine All'Eternita


The title, meaning “I Fly from the Philippines to Eternity,” is a nod to the late Rosie Camanga, a self-taught tattoo artist who lived and worked in Honolulu from the 1930s to the 1990s, and often used the phrase “I fly from Honolulu to eternity” in his work. Rosie Camanga has been an inspiration to a number of artists featured at WANTS/NEEDS Art Gallery. Manny Lyn is one artist who has mastered Camanga’s style of folky, loose adaptations of early American traditional tattoos. Manny has also managed to infuse their Filipino heritage with the influence of surrounding Italian artists within their work. 

Manny Lyn lives and works in Italy, tattooing out of Blue Port Tattoo in Genova.

Manny’s work is strongly influenced by the folk artist Rosie Camanga, both in terms of design and technique. Manny manages to study and draw with the same stylistic “imperfections” that were spontaneously drawn by Rosie. Manny started tattooing after several years of coaching and guidance of tattooer Stefano Prestileo. In 2009 Manny Lyn met Stefano, who also currently works out of Blue Port Tattoo. In 2011, Manny started working as an assistant in Stefano’s old studio and in 2012, they opened Blue Port Tattoo.