Ryan Cooper Thompson: A Solo Exhibition

Out of Bound, is the debut solo exhibition of Ryan Cooper Thompson, who is an analog multi-disciplinary artist currently settled in Portland, OR. Exploring ideas of personal freedom, solitude, minimalism and being connected to nature, Thompson’s pieces provoke a sense of genuine intimacy and beg his audience to be present in our increasingly digital world. 


Thompson, known for his tattooing since 2004, has taken time since the pandemic to return to canvas and painting for this body of work. Out of Bound is both a direct connection to Thompson’s ‘Huck Finn’ spirit, and his inspiration found in the work of the late Tino “Rosie” Camanga. Rosie was a self-taught tattoo artist in Honolulu, and is a largely influential artist for countless tattooists. Nods to Camanga can be found in Thompson’s portrait of the late artist (Lonely Boy) as well as the ‘wavy hearts’ seen on a few works in the exhibition. “Out of Bound” is a text quote from Camanga found on a piece of flash found in Ed Hardy’s book, Folk Art Tattoo Flash.

This collection of nine works, including one diptych, are presented in a selective color palette of rust and various browns, alongside black water and olive-toned succulents. Thompson encourages his audience to jump into his muted, yet animated world and witness the authentic testimonies presented through his canvases.