I've Got My Own Show To Do

I’ve Got My Own Show To Do, is the debut solo exhibition of Jeff Sypherd, who is a tattooist and painter based in New York City. 

Jeff Sypherd was born in 1989 in Newport Beach, California, and was raised in Riverside, California. After years of informally hanging around Inland Empire tattoo shops, Jeff began formally apprenticing and tattooing at the age of 19. In 2018, he headed East to New York City to work at Greenpoint Tattoo Company and to develop a studio painting practice. Today, Jeff owns and operates Car Phone Studios in Brooklyn, New York, where he tattoos and pursues painting full time.

“I paint, above all else, in an attempt to join the lineage and conversation of the artists I admire who have come before me. These inspirations include fine artists such as painters as well as craftsmen such as tattooers. Through a visual language that mixes all of the above, I aim to explore doom, hope, and the gray area that lies between.”