Robert Ryan was born in New Jersey in 1973 and began tattooing in 1997. He is now one of the most sought after tattoo artists in the world and is the co-owner of the acclaimed Electric Tattoo located in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He’s considered a pioneer of spiritually themed tattoos, which are heavily influenced by his Hare Krishna beliefs. To most, receiving a tattoo by Robert is much more than just adding a piece of permanent artwork to their body – it’s a highly spiritual experience.

Robert grew up on the East Coast where he was influenced by hip-hop, punk rock, beat poetry and graffiti culture. After a moving encounter with a Hare Krishna devotee, Robert became dedicated to spiritual learning and practice, which heavily influenced his artistic style. His understanding of Western occult symbolism, Eastern Vedic philosophy and Amazonian shamanism, all presented through the filter of traditional American tattoo style, creates a unique artistic aesthetic, rich in experience and mystery.

Robert is an incredibly talented painter. His paintings are representative of his iconic style, merging his spiritual influence with traditional American tattoo art style. His artwork has been displayed in numerous publications and galleries, as well as a strong catalog of commercial art projects. Robert is also the author of two books "Inborn Absolute" and "Deity", and was featured on the Vice series “Tattoo Age” in the episode titled; “Robert Ryan Brings Spirituality To His Tattooing."